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Every current geofencing advertising provider has a combination of at least two of the below hurdles for their customers (as we like to call them, "closed doors").  Qujam is developed to open every one of these doors.

High Minimums

High CPMs/Rates

Managed Only

No Reporting Dashboard

Doesn't Take Credit Card

Inferior Tech


Qujam has a few keep-target dates where the public will get to experience the first self-served geofence advertising option that anyone can use. Dates are subject to change. To stay well-informed, please join our watchlist.

Timeline subject to change.

Geofence advertising uses GPS data (and Wi-fi data if available as a second data check) to identify devices that have been at a specific location during a specific period of time. We then serve OTT, CTV, banner/display, and/or video pre-roll advertisements to the device in the geofence and other devices connected to the originally captured device.

In other words, Qujam will allow you to serve digital ads to people who were physically at a hyper-specific location, like your competitor's store, a service area/neighborhood, your own store location(s), people within walking distance to you, your customer's place of work, and more.

The People

Qujam is being developed by Ethic Advertising LLC, which owns the brands Ethic Advertising Agency, and is the backend service provider for geofencing.com and geoconquesting.com. The Ethic Advertising team oversees and supports Qujam with the leadership of CEO, Jeff Swartz.  We have also retained MIT PHD and ad tech veteran with stints at Twitter, VaynerX,  Jeremy Levitan, as an advisor. Navy veteran, Patrick Dionne, as our PR and Development Manager, and Rivers Agile as Qujam's development partner.

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Jeff Swartz


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Jeremy Levitan


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Patrick Dionne

PR & Development Manager

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Parent Company

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