Creative Pricing and Resources

Having an effective creative message is important!

You are excited to get your brand in front of the right people through Qujam and geofence advertising, but if you don't have advertising creative to run, that's a problem.  Below is our standard creative development pricing for Qujam customers and additional resources to help you craft your advertising message.

No Minimums, Watch How

Qujam is the easiest and most effective geofence advertising solution. There are no minimums and you can configure your settings to your needs.

Qujam Provided Pricing

Creative services are provided by and billed through our sister entity, Ethic Advertising Agency.

Basic Display Ads

$179.00 per ad set
  • 8 sizes per ad set
  • Static ads
  • Creative development questionnaire
  • Ad set includes: 8 sizes (300x250, 160x600, 300x600, 320x480, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50 and 300x50). The process includes three revisions per finalized ad set (revisions need to be complete to the 300x250 draft before the rest of the set is completed.)

Basic Video Ad

$1,890.00 per video ad
  • :15 or :30 length
  • Uses stock video/images
  • Script writing with up to 3 rounds of revisions
  • Video editing with up to 3 rounds of revisions
  • Creative development questionnaire

Custom Creative

Priced by the Job
  • Custom creative and additional creative services are available through our sister entity, Ethic Advertising Agency
  • Qujam customers receive a 5% discount
  • Capabilities include static banner ads, animated banner ads, 2D animation, 3D animation, stock video development, live shot video development, branding/logos, and website development

Creative Request From

If you are interested in using our creative service for your geofence advertising banner ads and/or video ads, please complete the creative request form below and a representative will connect with you quickly.

Creative Request Form

Other Creative Resources

Freelance Options

Hiring a freelancer to produce your banner and video ads is a great cost-efficient way to generate the creative that you need to run on Qujam.  Above are three reliable websites for freelance options. There is some risk in hiring a freelancer, so hiring a creative shop is often safer but can be more expensive.

Qujam logo, image only

Do-It-Yourself Options

If you want to create the ad creative yourself, we commend you! We recommend you dive into Google and YouTube to learn how to pilot the software examples and become familiar with best advertising practices. Also, be sure to follow our specific Qujam specs. If your creative does not match our specs, your ads probably won't run.

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