Qujam's Upload Ads and Landing Page Set Up Page

How to's, tips, and best practices.

How to upload your advertising creative assets and select your ad's landing page URL.

Video Walkthrough

In this video, we'll go over some best practices, general information, and how-to tips for adding in your creative elements, landing page URL, and ad set name in Qujam's campaign setup.

Tips for Uploading your Ads &  Landing Page

  • The Landing Page URL comes first: 
    • Before you can upload your ads we require you to enter in your Landing Page URL.  The more aligned with the advertising creative that your landing page is and the better user experience and convertibility your landing page does, the more success you'll have with your advertising. Using a UTM code on your landing page URL is also recommended to help with better trackability.
  • Make sure you have the right ad creative specs: 
  • Make sure your creative is good: 
    • The geofencing tech is reaching a desirable audience, but if your creative is garbage, you won't get the best results.  Make sure you are following best practices and requirements (example: including a logo/company name or disclaimers for political, medical, etc....) If you need help with your ad campaign, we can create one for you with a special Qujam client price.
  • The more sizes/lengths the better: 
    • Having a variety of display ad sizes or video lengths will give your campaign access to more ad inventory resulting in optimal reach and placement.  For a list of all sizes and video lengths, click here.
  • Keep your creative fresh: 
    • If you update your creative on a regular basis (every one or two months or so) your campaign will generally perform better.
  • Give your Ad sets proper labels: 
    • It's always a kind thing to do for your future self to clearly label your creative file, and the ad sets for ease of identification.
  • You can preview your creative in Qujam, 
    • If you want to see what your ad looks like that you have in Qujam, simply click on the creative asset's orange button and a preview will appear.
  • Denied creative 
    • If your ad is denied due to size or file compatibility, a red warning will appear at the top of the screen. Your ads may also be denied for legal compliancy restrictions per our terms and conditions. If that happens, you will be notified by one of our team members via email.

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