Qujam's Draw your Conversion Zones Set Up Page

How-to tips and best practices.

How to maximize the "Draw your Conversion Zone" page on a Qujam self-served geofence advertising campaign.

Video Walkthrough

In this video, we'll go over some best practices, general information, and how-to tips for setting up your geofence advertising campaign's custom conversion zones.

What are Conversion Zones?

In Geofence advertising, conversion zones are specific locations that you want customers to physically go to, such as stores, restaurants or other places of business. When someone enters the conversion zone, Qujam will provide data that allows you to see how many people who saw your ad entered your place of business.

Where To Set Up Conversion Zones

There are two ways to set up conversion zones in Qujam. The first is in your profile settings, which allows you to create a default conversion zone(s) to use for every campaign. The other way is set up a custom conversion zone(s) in each new campaign.

  • Default Conversion Zone: 
    • Under your profile, you can go into "Brick and Mortar Locations" to set up your default conversion zones. Here you can draw a geofence around your physical location(s) and it will save it as your default conversion zone(s). To optimize and track this data, simply check "Get more foot traffic at my location(s) (set in my profile)" on a campaign's "What are your Goals for this Campaign" page.
  • Custom Conversion Zones by Campaign: 
    • Sometimes you may want to track and optimize for conversions to a location other than your default conversion zone(s). You can do this during a campaign's setup by selecting the "Get more foot traffic at other locations" on a campaign's "What are your Goals for this Campaign" page. This will allow you to set up custom geofences for that specific campaign. This custom conversion feature will appear after you enter in your geofences page.
  • Use Default and Custom Conversion Zones: 
    • You can also select both options on the "What are your Goals for this Campaign" to use both the default and custom conversion zone features.

Tips for Setting Up a Conversion Zone

  • Use different map views: 
    • There are several ways to view the map to help you navigate and set up the best geofence, and checking each one helps ensure you set up fences right where you want them. These views include; Map view, Satellite view, Street view, Terrain, Labels, and Full Screen view. The video above shows you how to find each one.
  • Use the search bar: 
    • The search bar at the top of the map is very useful to quickly find a specific address. Just type in a location like you would in Google Maps.
  • Deleting a single point on a conversion zone fence: 
    • Miss-clicks happen when you end up with a point on a geofence you don't want.  No biggie. Simply, hold your Shift key down and click on the point you want to delete to remove it.
  • Give your conversion zone a good name: 
    • Typing clear descriptions of your Conversion Zone Group Name, Conversion Zone Names, and Description can be really useful for your future self.
  • Adjust and delete your entire conversion zone: 
    • If you are not happy with the placement of the conversion zone you made, click and drag a point on the fence to adjust it, or click on the "Select Geofences to Delete" button to remove the geofence and set up a new one.
  • Update your conversion zones: 
    • You can add, remove, or adjust your conversion zones at any time at the campaign level or at the defaul/profile level, so it's a good to keep this in mind for the future.

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