Qujam Geofence Advertising

Case Studies

This two-month campaign used geofence advertising to serve digital ads to people who have been to a competing auto dealership. This advertiser had a little leftover money in their ad budget and wanted to get their monthly incentives out to close by car shoppers. They also really wanted to track the number of people who saw the ad and visited their car lot (physical conversions).

The Results:

This 11-month campaign used geofence advertising to serve digital ads to people who visited competing veterinary clinics and nearby pet stores. This advertiser updated their creative periodically and dripped their messaging and brand to nearby pet owners throughout the campaign, resulting in minimal advertising waste and some pretty amazing results.

The Results:

In 2022, this B2B industrial company ran geofence display and video campaigns targeting the offices of the companies they wanted to get in front of. The geofence technology reached their audience on their smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions at the office, at home, and elsewhere. Because their audience was so specific and their average sale was so large, their ROI was off the chart.

The Results:

ZND partnered with Ethic Advertising and Qujam to devise a custom plan to reach a new target client list in the US that included geofencing those accounts with hypertargeted video-preroll, display, and event campaigns. The goal was to open opportunities with target accounts and improve the rate of opportunities converted.

The Results:

Every current geofencing advertising provider has a combination of at least two of the below hurdles for their customers (as we like to call them, "closed doors").  Qujam is developed to open every one of these doors.

High Minimums

High CPMs/Rates

Managed Only

No Reporting Dashboard

Doesn't Take Credit Card

Inferior Tech