Qujam's Campaign Goals + Geofence Targeting Selection Set Up Page

How to's, tips, and some practices.

How to maximze the second setup page on a Qujam self-served geofence advertising campaign.

Video Walkthrough

In this video, we'll go over some best practices, general information, and how-to tips when working on the second page of a Qujam campaign's setup that focuses on selecting some fo the goals of the campaign.

Tips for Selecting Your Campaign Goals

qujam what are your goals for this campaign image
  • Get more website traffic: 
    • When you want your campaign to drive people to your website.  This goal is great for e-commerce, service-based companies, and awareness campaigns.
  • Get more foot traffic at my location(s) (set in my profile): 
    • When you want your campaign to drive people into your pre-selected conversion zone locations. These are set up in your profile. Qujam will also provide data on the number of times someone who has seen your ad entered your locations.  This is great for brick and mortar locations.
  • Get more foot traffic at other locations: 
    • When you want to add custom conversion zones to a specific campaign.
  • Share my message with as many individuals as possible: 
    • In the advertising world, we refer to this as maximizing your reach.  This naturally reduces the number of times you can reach each individual, which is referred to as frequency, but ensures a larger population of individuals see your ads.
  • Put my message in front of the same people as many times as possible: 
    • This is great when you know you have a smaller group of people entering your geofences and want to reach those individuals repeatedly.  AKA you want your ad to be seen by each person a lot. However, this naturally reduces your reach.

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