Temporary Fencing Manufacturer

Geofence Advertising Case Study

The Challenge

ZND, a temporary fencing manufacturer and supplier, recently expanded their business from the UK and Netherlands to include the US with the objective of market expansion and broader brand recognition.

The Goal

ZND partnered with Ethic Advertising and Qujam to devise a custom plan to reach a new target client list in the US that included geofencing those accounts with hypertargeted video-preroll, display, and event campaigns. The goal was to open opportunities with target accounts, and improve the rate of opportunities converted.

  • Gain accounts with higher sales opportunities and a higher rate of opportunities/quotes won

ZND Fencing

The Results—Geofencing Works!

The results indicate that the geofenced accounts contributed to higher opportunities/leads and higher opportunities/leads won. 

  • Millions of dollars in increased revenue

  • 153% increase in the number of accounts with sales opportunities

  • 29.9% increase in leads

The Campaign

ZND, a temporary fencing manufacturer with an ultra narrow target audience, conducted a geofence campaign. The campaign targeted key locations of selected prospects over a 18 month period, with geofences being removed and added over the period.  We also analyzed the difference between prospects that were served geofence advertising (Campaign Group) and those who weren't (AKA a control group).

Campaign Group

Target accounts consisted of 36 active fences targeting 29 companies.

Control Group

87 companies as part of the control group.

The Data

Campaign Group

A minimum sale for ZND is $27,000.00 to $35,000.00. Since 2021 geofencing produced millions of dollars in increased revenue from the Campaign Group compared to the Control Group.

Below is the difference between the Campaign Group and the Control Group.

Increased Opportunities (AKA Leads)
Increase in the Number of Accounts with Sales in the Group

Note: This campaign was run on the same technology as Qujam by Ethic Advertising LLC, but not through the Qujam system.

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