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Maximizing Your Geofencing Advertising Campaign with Video Ads: OTT vs. Video Pre-roll

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    September 13, 2023 / Uncategorized

Are you ready to elevate your advertising efforts with digitally distributed video? Qujam currently supports two potent tools for your geofencing advertising campaign: Over-the-Top (OTT) and Video Pre-roll. To craft a truly impactful campaign, it’s crucial to grasp the nuances that set these two options apart and determine when each one shines.

OTT (Over-the-Top):

OTT, short for “over-the-top” transmission. Unlike traditional television systems like cable or satellite, OTT delivers video content directly over the internet. Utilizing OTT as a part of your campaign means you can place your ads in front of your audience’s favorite shows, news, sports, and movies. They are played through streaming services such as SlingTV, Tubi, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV on various devices with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and mobile devices.

Video Pre-roll:

Video Pre-roll, in contrast, is all about delivering short, impactful advertisements before online videos. You’ve likely encountered these brief ads while watching videos on blogs or catching up on the latest news. The unique feature of Video Pre-roll is that viewers can engage with your ads through clicks and the cost per thousand (CPM) is about half of OTT. If clicks and user engagement are crucial to your campaign, Video Pre-roll is the clear choice. Viewers can interact with clickable ads, directing them to a dedicated landing page.

Cross Device Matching: Expanding Your Reach

In order to boost the effectiveness of both your OTT and Video Pre-roll geofence targeted campaigns, Qujam employs Cross Device Matching. This technology identifies and serves ads across a user’s network of devices. Meaning that if someone in your target audience enters your geofence with their phone, they will be served your video ads across other devices that are connected to the originally captured device including their TV, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. For more information about geofencing advertising in general, click here.

Video Specs: The Technical Essentials

Preferred Lengths: The most common inventory lengths for video ads are 30 seconds (:30) and 15 seconds (:15). Your ad’s length should match or be slightly shorter than the desired inventory or it will be included in the other lengths inventory. Other inventory lengths include 60, 54, 20 and 10 seconds.

Videos should be in MP4 (h.264) format, with a maximum file size of 200MB. Dimensions should be either 1920x1200px or 1920x1080px, with an audio bitrate of 160 kbps or higher and a video bitrate of 5.4 mbps or higher.

For more information on ad specifications when for your campaign, click here.

Pricing that Fits Your Strategy

Qujam offers competitive CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates for both OTT and Video pre-roll. The current estimated CPM rates are:

OTT Ads: $50-$60*

Video Pre-roll Ads: $24-$30*

*Pricing subject to change. Information based on September 2023 data.

Qujam applies a competitive CPM modile in an effort to win more desirable inventory while remaining reasonable priced for the market. This balanced approach provides flexibility with your advertising budget, to learn more about picking the best daily spend for your campaign, click here.

In short, choosing to deploy OTT and/or Video Pre-roll for your geofencing advertising campaign depends on your specific objectives and target audience. OTT offers broad reach and an immersive, more premium experience, while Video Pre-roll provides less expensive, clickable ads that targets users while browsing the web. By understanding these differences and aligning your strategy with your campaign goals, you can harness the full potential of Qujam’s video advertising options. Unlock the power of video ads and watch your geofencing campaign thrive.

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