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How to Make the Most of Your Events Advertising with Geofencing

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    September 28, 2023 / Uncategorized

Event Geofencing is one of the most exciting and asked about applications of a Geofencing advertising campaign.In short, event geofencing is identifying when devices have been to a specific, physical event using GPS data, and then serving that device and other devices connected to it with digital ads during and after the event ends.  With geofencing, the more precise you can target your desired audiences, the more likely you are to convert impressions into clicks and reach your audience where they are. This makes large gatherings such as events and conferences an effective way to use geofencing as part of your advertising efforts. However, there are some major differences between event and traditional geofence advertising that need to be taken into account to ensure your campaign is as big a success as possible

We offer two options for events. Our Geofence Advertising platform Qujam, which is self-served and does not have a minimum spend, and our managed service, which requires the campaign to have a minimum spend of $1000 and an audience of at least 1000 attendees. but includes a dedicated Account Success Manager to do all the work for you. Allowing for more elaborate options for geofence targeting.

Qujam has some limitations with event geofencing compared to what our in-house team can do. You can use Qujam to target events, however, Qujam can only currently serve ads to captured devices while the geofence is still active. That means if you target the event for the duration of the event, your campaign will end when the event ends since it doesn’t make sense to continue to geofence the location after the event. For example, that means if it is a three day event, your campaign will only be three days on Qujam. To get the most out of an Event Geofencing campaign, we recommend your campaign be a month long at the minimum, but that option is only currently available through our managed services.

It is possible to continue serving ads to those devices through Qujam by leaving your campaign and geofence active. However, that means it will continue to collect device IDs from people who are entering the geofence outside of the event dates. Your campaign will continue to serve ads to people who attended the event, but it will significantly dilute your reach of those specific people.  For this reason, we do not recommend using Qujam in this way. 

Compared to Qujam, our managed service is a far more comprehensive approach to Event Geofencing. The way it works is we collect and target devices with ads while the event is going on, and then for an extended period of time after the event ends after the Geofence is taken down. This ensures that you are only targeting your audience that attended the event and maximizes your reach. Multi-campaign set up like this are complex and are not an option with Qujam at this time. This requires the set up of three different styles of campaigns in our internal system and is a much more complex setup and management which is why this form of event geofencing is not currently available on Qujam.

Ready to take the next step and maximize your advertising efforts with Event Geofencing? Click here to register for Qujam for free. If you want to learn more about taking advantage of our managed service, click here to schedule a demo.

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