How to Advertise to People Based on Their Location

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    June 19, 2024 / Uncategorized

Knowing how to reach your target audience is one of the most critical parts of any advertising campaign. The more precise of an audience you can get, the more likely you are to increase awareness of your business and see a return on investment.

This makes the ability to target someone based on the location they have been increasingly valuable. This technology, known as geofencing advertising, is a tried and tested marketing technique that has been used by major brands and advertisers for over a decade.

Geofence Advertising works by utilizing GPS technology to set a virtual fence around a real world location that automatically collects device information from people that enter the fence. Anyone who has their location settings turned on has the ability to be captured during a geofencing campaign.

After the advertiser draws their map and IDs are collected from people who entered the fence, they have the ability to be served ads during the duration of the campaign. This technology has a log of real world applications such as geoconquesting, which is when you set your geofence around a competitors locations to put your message right in front of their customers.

Typically geofencing advertising campaigns have been done by agencies that require large minimum spend requirements. These are typically managed services where the agency runs the campaign on your behalf. The Qujam geofence advertising platform is the exception to this. It allows its users to create its own fences by drawing them on a map. 

This allows Qujam to be a valuable asset for smaller companies and marketing professionals who want to have complete control of their campaigns. A business can upload their own display, video pre-roll, or OTT streaming ads and pay based on impressions without any minimum spend requirements.

Geofencing advertising has been successfully incorporated into the advertising strategies of many industries. Including; legal practices, real estate, recruiting and staffing, automotive, and restaurants. To learn more about how successfully used geofence marketing campaigns, click here.

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