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Qujam Launches as Streamlined Geofence Advertising Platform in Collaboration with Simpli.fi

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    June 8, 2023 / Latest News
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Pittsburgh, PA (June 8, 2023) – Geofence Advertising platform, Qujam, has recently launched by Ethic Advertising LLC. The software uses Simpli.fi’s programmatic ecosystem; a long standing leader in geofence adveritisng technology. Qujam provides a streamlined, do-it-yourself geofencing option for small businesses using an easy to understand setup plate form with some of the most advanced geofence technology powering the backend.

Programmatic advertising is an $86 billion-dollar-a-year industry focused on using automated methods to purchase digital ad space, and includes advertisements outside of Google and Social Media.

“The advantage of buying an ad programmatically is that it allows advertisers the pick of the litter to target their audiences directly across the entire internet,” said Jess Bauer, Digital Advertising Manager for Ethic Advertising. “I started working with programmatic advertising in 2018 on the Simpli.fi platform, and even still today I am constantly learning new things with it. It wasn’t until the 6-to-12-month mark that I really became comfortable with all the settings and capabilities.”

Geofence advertising is a form of programmatic advertising that leverages GPS technology to deliver targeted ads to potential customers who have physically visited specific locations. By establishing virtual “fences” around designated geographic areas, Qujam collects device IDs from GPS-enabled devices entering these locations, creating a list of potential targets for tailored advertising campaigns.

“Geofencing is the most straightforward form of programmatic advertising, ” said Bauer. “The benefit of Qujam is that it is streamlined, it allows users who are not programmatic experts to come in and understand it quickly and easily.”

Simpli.fi is an example of a demand-side platform (DSP), an automated service where marketers can purchase and manage ad inventories from multiple sources. The company is one of the leading advertisement automation platforms with the support of over 200 programmers executing more than 100,000 campaigns a month.

“Qujam allows you to be in the driver’s seat,” said Jeff Swartz, Founder and CEO of Ethic Advertising and Qujam. “It is part of Simpli.fi, and takes the same technology and creates a portal that is simple and easy to understand.”

Prior to Qujam, to gain access to a fully self-managed option through simpli.fi users would have to spend $10,000 a month minimum. Qujam by-passes this completely, and leverages Ethic Advertising’s partnership with the Simpli.fi platform to allow its users to become geofencing experts at a rate of $9 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for banner ads. (CPM rate as of June 2023)

“When it comes to geofencing, nine times out of 10, any programmatic DSP that I’ve been in contact with utilizes Simplifi’s geofencing technology because it is the most accurate, ” said Bauer. “Part of the reason for our partnership with Simpli.fi is because they really have simplified it to make it a lot more digestible. Qujam takes it a step further, while Simpli.fi is geofencing made easy for advertisers, Qujam is geofencing made easy for everyone.”

Qujam’s platform offers three forms of advertising: banner ads that can show up on mobile apps and websites, OTT CTV (over the top and connected TV), which includes advertising on video streaming apps, and video pre-rolls. Examples of these include ads that run before news clips or videos on blogs. Currently, Qujam can run ads through tens of thousands of publishers across over 50 exchanges.

To register for Qujam, visit https://app.qujam.com/register. More information can be found at https://qujam.com/

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