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How geofence advertising can work for ad agencies

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    March 18, 2024 / Uncategorized

Geofence advertising is location-based marketing which allows you to draw a geofence around a specific area in order to reach your target audience. Geofencing advertising for agencies may be useful because it can set you apart from your competitors and help to reach more of your target audience. Qujam is a self-serve geofence platform that offers no minimums, low CPMs/Rates, a self-managed service, a reporting dashboard, takes credit cards and offers advanced technology.

How can an ad agency use geofence advertising?

Geofence advertising is very diverse in what it can do for different ad agencies, but if you know where your clients target audience is, it can work for you! Geofencing allows advertisers to define virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as retail stores, event venues, or competitor locations. Some potential reasons that an advertising agency would want to use geofence advertising include event promotion, driving foot traffic to specific locations, and to target an influx of customers. When promoting an event for a client, an advertising agency may create geofences around relevant locations around the event, or even competitor’s events. When people enter these geofenced areas their devices will be added to a list to serve ads to. Any business that an agency represents can also use this tactic track traffic into their store or business. For example, an online company selling football jerseys could geofence a local stadium because all of the people going may be interested purchasing the jerseys. Additionally, because Qujam has no minimums and offers competitive prices, it gives advertising agencies the chance to profit from providing the service. Geofence advertising is both a sellable and effective tactic if used properly by an advertising agency.

How Qujam can set your ad agency apart from other ad agencies

Agencies can tailor their advertising messages in a geofencing campaign because if a geofence campaign is backed up by other effective advertising efforts, such well-made ads, it will be even more successful. Some small ad agencies that use geofence advertising pay someone else to do it for them, but when using Qujam, you are able to have more control and make changes quicker. Qujam can be used for any business as long as you know where your target audience is, which makes it perfect for ad agencies. By using Qujam, advertising agencies can create highly targeted campaigns for their clients by setting up geofences around specific locations relevant to the business, such as competitors’ stores, local events, or high-traffic areas.

Qujam Vs other geofence platforms 

Using geofence advertising can be a great way to stand out from your competition. Most geofence platforms have high minimums and are managed services, a good way to explain Qujam is by comparing it to a Facebook boosted ad. It is available to all and is very user and beginner friendly. By using Qujam you are able to set your spend amount to whatever you want because there are no minimums. Some other geofence platforms charge you a fee just to be on the platform without even running a campaign and have minimums that can be as high as $10,000 a month, just to run your own geofence campaign. Qujam is perfect for smaller agencies because it is a great way to dip your foot into geofence advertising without having to spend a lot of money.

Qujam is built by an advertising agency, so we understand the needs of advertising agencies by making it affordable and easy to use. For small agencies with limited budgets who want to explore geofencing as a marketing strategy, Qujam provides an ideal platform. With Qujam, you have the flexibility to set your budget as low as you desire, allowing you to test the effectiveness of geofencing without significant financial commitments. Qujam also has a managed service that you can look into if your business grows, and you no longer need the self-serve aspect of it.

Referral program for agencies

If you aren’t interested in managing your clients’ campaigns on Qujam, another way for advertising agencies to use Qujam is our referral program. If the clients that you work with are too small to manage a geofence campaign for, you can refer them to us which allows you to get a link and if your client signs up by using the link you will make a commission. This way your smaller clients can still use geofencing but without you having to manage their campaign! For more information on our referral program click here!

If you still have questions about geofence advertising, you can check out our website here! To register for Qujam click here!

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